Alonissos Island Sporades Greece


You can do virtual island-hopping on the internet, trawling the hugely variable property websites to find the pretty, the old and the characterful.


 Owning an Alonissos property you will discover a tranquil unspoilt evergreen island of 64kmē with a precipitous north-western coastline and a hilly landscape covered in pine forest, tamarisk, fig trees, olive and almond groves. The island is a paradise for artists and walkers with scores of tracks meandering through the fragrant pine woods to idyllic coves and beaches.   

Alonissos property for sale can be found in wonderful location with magnificent views. 


Price agreed:
Once this is done, a contract is drawn up, which includes the price and completion date. A deposit of 10 to 30 per cent is paid, which is forfeited by the buyer if the completion date is not met. The contract is signed before a notary, the seller's lawyer and the buyer's lawyer. The notary charges around two per cent of the property value as his fee. It is possible to get a mortgage with a Greek bank or an international mortgage broker.

Use a local lawyer to act on your behalf, to investigate the title deed of the property and show that no third party has claims on it, and to register the property transfer with the land registry. Lawyer's fees will be one to two per cent. Both buyer and seller pay estate agent fees of about two per cent.


The buyer pays a seven to 11 per cent property transfer tax on the contract price, which is usually far below the real price. A tax of about 0·25 per cent of the declared value of the property is paid annually to cover local services, and a community tax of three per cent of the property transfer tax is paid annually for general public services.


Things to watch:
Special permission may be needed from the local authority to buy property close to the Greek border. Planning permission is not given readily, so be careful if you want to build. Beware property owned by several family members.

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