Alonissos Island Sporades Greece


Our Diving Center

The Diving Center POSEIDONAS, founded in 2006 and started operation in August 2008. Founders are to Emily Joseph (Biologist experienced scuba) and Alexis Stellas, also experienced scuba diver.

The diving Center POSEIDONAS based in Patitiri, the Port of Alonissos, 50 steps from the point of departure of the diving board and next to the premises of the Management Board of the National Marine Park and MOM (Oganization for the protection of the Mediterranean seal).

The Diving Center POSEIDONAS is the only diving center in Patitiri (the port of Alonissos). The submersible vessel,  a 9 meters traditional wooden hull to transfer 12 divers, with 36 horspower engine gives us great flexibility in the scheduling of our day – trip with safety and respect for the environment.

We also have (land transport) that we use when the weather conditions do not allow us to go by boat.

The Diving Center POSEDONAS is PADI recognized DIVECENTER.


The POSEIDONASDIVECENTER is equipped with high-quality institutions. With more than 50 full kit and extra equipment such as bottles (10, 12 and 15 liters), Compressors, regulators with DIN console and a spare regulator, etc, can satisfy even the most difficult wishes each demanding diver.


The POSEIDONAS Diving Center offers all diving opportunities, such as escorting qualified divers, all levels of diplomas PADI, and ratings, Welcome Diving (Discover Scuba), First Aid Courses and Diving all forms, such as recreational diving, night diving, Deep Diving (30m), Diving into Wall ( “bluntly”), etc.

In addition we are organizing various events such as cleaning Coasts, Demonstrations slides of the local u/b flora and fauna (such as loggerhead turtles, seals monachus-monachus, local Poseidon, etc.).

Considering the comfort and safty of our customers, we are enabling those who have brought their private equipment to rinse and to insure their equipment before or after each dive, so as to prevent damage this expensive equipment.






Biologist graduated of the Univercity of Virginia in the United Statres.

Dealing with diving since 1996 when they participated in the marine biological research program in Florida, New York.

Participates in together with Alexis Stellas establishment and operation of the Diving Center POSEIDONAS in Alonissos.

Languages: English, Greek,



Born in 1972 in Alonissos he served his military service in the frogman group of the Greek M.N. He holds a diploma of the School of Navy frogman.

In the joint Emily with participates, the establishment and operation of the diving center POSEIDONAS in Alonissos.

Languages: Greek, English





He is dealing with diving since 1988. Graduate of the Scool of Navy frogman since 1991. He was involved with professional fishing and diving until 2007. From 2008 joined the group of diving center POSEIDONAS in Alonissos while engaged in farming.

Languages: Greek, English.



Deal with diving in 1990 from the Graduate of the School of Navy frogman dealt with professional fishing and diving until 2007. From 2008 he joined the force in diving Center POSEIDONAS in Alonissos.


Languages: Greek, English.





The Diving Center POSEIDONAS in Alonissos offers scuba qualified, for rent, brand new top quality equipment and air escorts in selected destinations by diving instructors experienced divers.

In the passage through beds of the Marine Park of Alonissos can be seen? Dolphines, seals, sponges, Mermaid, smernas, sterile, rophos, sea bream, skorpinas, sargos, beetles, milokopia, melanouria, salpas, colourful Rainbow wrasse, octopus, broken amphorae, submarine caves and shipwrecks.

Images and colors that can not be described in words but cause us to live and love for the Mediterranean …….

If you have not been diving ever at the Diving Center POSEIDONAS in Alonissos you can take part in one of our programs and to let in an underwater tour by our experienced instructors.

We are at your disposal for any information




 Telephone:  0030 24240 66360 
 Mobile:   0030 6945 667301
 Fax:  0030 2424065736
 Off season Tel/fax:  0030 2106397865