Alonissos Island Sporades Greece

Alonissos is an island of Greece located in the Aegean Sea and belonging to the island cluster of seed. The total area reaches 64.5 sq. Km and the length of its coastline is 67 km. The island maximum length is about 20 Km and the width from 3 to 4.5 Km. Alonissos is divided by the Skopelos southwest of the Straits Alonissos range of 2 miles and northeast by Pelagonissos (Kyra Panagia) of the Straits of Palagonissos range 3,5 miles.

 Telephone:  0030 24240 66360 
 Mobile:   0030 6945 667301
 Fax:  0030 2424065736
 Off season Tel/fax:  0030 2106397865