The amphorae of Alonissos bear the stamp IKION namely “product of Ikos”

Alonissos Island Sporades Greece

In ancient Greece, Ikos [today Alonissos] becomes famous for its wine. Amphorae serving to ship the wine are produced in the Tsukalia Bay, where we still can find shards with the stamp "IKION" [from Ikos]. Such a shard can be seen in the Agora-Museum in Athens (m)

Coins with the inscription IKION show Poseidon on its verso. This Deity had the favour of the population of IKOS. (S. p. 10)


Laboratoties amphorae were foumd in two locations on Alonissos (ancient Ikos) in the bay of Tsoukalia and the Kalamakia. From the interdisciplinary program of the IC EPCA with the American School of Classical Studies (1999-2000), under the heading “Tsoukalia”, showed that coastal areas were generally organized wine “land” with various facilities, which have their own port on the direct loading of wine amphorae filled ship.

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